In 1912, with the help of  Clement S. Turner, a dog judge, Tyzack produced “Tyzack’s Annual,” a publication which gave the only complete record from a fancier’s point of view of dog and poultry matters in Victoria. Tyzack’s Annual is the so-called first Australian Stud Book.
The dogs were grouped by breed, with date of birth, sire and dam, breeder, owner and Show Results, no registration numbers. Imported dogs were listed separately, the information also including the importer.
The third section was for dogs in this volume qualified to be called “Champion” according to the rules of the VP&KC.

Thomas William Tyzack (1854-1937) was a farmer, shop owner, breeder, judge and journalist of poultry.
He was instrumental in forming the original Essendon Poultry and Dog Society, of which body he was secretary for many years. In 1890 he printed and edited the “Australian Poultry and Dog Gazette,” which thrived for several years.

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