This publication was initially titled Canadian Kennel Gazette, published from 1889 until 1912 as the Official Organ of the Canadian Kennel Club, including the registrations of the Canadian Stud Book.
In 1912 “Kennel and Bench” replaced “The Canadian Kennel Gazette” as the Official Organ of the Canadian Kennel Club with the stud book entries for some more years.
“The Canadian Kennel Gazette” was still published by H.B. Donovan until January 1915.
In March 1940 the gazette was renamed to “Dogs In Canada” and it was published by the Canadian Kennel Club until December 2011. It included an Official Section by the CKC.
Starting with January 2009 “Kennel and Bench – A monthly Information Supplement” is available for free download on the 🔗 CKC website.

Older editions are some times for sale on eBay. On the CKC website the first 90 years are are now available online, but only for paying members. That’s really a pity, because those magazines are a treasure trove for anyone researching pedigrees, containing photos, some pedigrees, show and trial results and a lot of info to gain also from the gossip columns… I have some of them, so if you need some special info, don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂

‼️ The No. 1 from 1891, Vol. III is 🔗 online on the CKC’s website.

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