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Back issues from the Club Francais for Korthals more files to upload
Dictionary for Pedigrees and Stud Books much more to add...
Dogdom - An illustrated monthly dog magazine add some pages
KC Stud Books for Download reduce pdfs
L'Eleveur add some pages
Le Chenil add some pages
ÖHZB/ÖHStB - Stud Book Austria - Year, Volume, Registrations UMO Holdings
Some Pedigree Forms Make templates in Excel and numbers
The American Kennel Club Stud Book Register 1878-2004 reduce pdfs
The Pedigree of your dog Add some more pedigrees...

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1882 Greyhound Studbook
AKC - American Kennel Club - Year, Volume, Registrations
Border Terrier Database publish when online again
DGStB - German Working Dogs Studbook - Year, Volume, Registrations Nummern von meinen Bänden eintragen
DKK - Danish Studbook - Year, Volume, Registrations Nummern eintragen
Dog World Magazine USA
Dog World Newspaper UK
ENCI - Libro di Selezione (LS)
I Nostri Cani
KCSB - Kennel Club Stud Book - Year, Volume, Registrations Vol. XIII???
LOF - Stud book France - Year, Period, Registrations
The American Kennel Gazette


Australia - Stud Book History
Austria - Stud Book History
Belgium - Stud Book History
Canada - Stud Book History
Denmark - Stud Book History
France - Stud Book History
Germany - Stud Book History
Italy - Stud Book History
Norway Stud Book History
Spain - Stud Book History
Switzerland - Stud Book History
UK - Stud Book History
USA - Stud Book History

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Dogs and Protagonists in the Past
Genetic traits
How do I keep track? needs some overhaul
open - closed studbook
Pedigree Database Analysis needs some overhaul