Like in the US in Canada there is no published Stud Book any more and the Online Publication starts with the 2009 stud book, so there is a gap of 40 years. You can get copies of pedigrees from their portal, but the costs are out of proportion.

Information on all CKC titles awarded for the years 2015-2019 and in the archive there are the years 2003-2006. The archive might be of special interest as it covers years where the stud books are not published. Dogs are given with CKC Reg# and parents.

🔗 CKC Titles Awarded

Another source is, information for Canadian canine events online. The link here goes to the Breed Points site, where you can select the year (starting with 2009) and the Breed. No RegNr or parents given, but a lot of dogs are with picture and with luck with a link to their website.

Last but not least a lot of Health Reports from Canadian dogs are published on the OFA website, read more about OFA here!

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