Some complete LOF stud books for your download, the originals are kept in the University of Maine – Fogler Library, due to their fragile condition the volumes published here will not be available for public access anymore.

LOF 1-200 LOF 201-400 LOF 22001-23000 LOF 23001-24000 LOF 24001-25000 *
LOF 25001-26000 LOF 26001-27000 * LOF 27001-28000 LOF 28001-29000 *  
* some pages are missing
Some more links to the “Bulletin official de la Société central pour l’amélioration des races des chiens de France”:

5 thoughts on “LOF French Stud Books for Download

  1. I am compiling the Archive here in Australia for both Papillon & Phalènes. Very grateful to hear news of these 2 varieties in anyones canine records, happy to search through my records for lovers of our breed.

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