The KCC Kennel Gazette is a monthly periodical, available online from March 1932 until December 1970.
360 issues, from March 1932 until February 1962 are online on Trove – they are divided into sets of 20, just choose the time frame you are interested in.
The next 120 Kennel Gazettes, from March 1962 until December 1970 are online here.

In those almost 40 years the Gazette grew from a leaflet with 4 pages to a magazine containing 68 pages. It includes articles about KCC topics, Shows, Field Trials, medical issues, sections for breed clubs,…, and a lot of dog pictures.
The section "Registrations, &c." informs about Registrations, Litter Records, Transfers, Leases, Champion Titles, Export Certificates issued, Stud Names (later changed to Stud Prefixes) and eventually Corrections.

From 1933 until 1938 the KCC Annual “Dogs on the Bench and in the Fields” was published.
All 6 volumes are also online on Trove.

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