ALL full siblings share their COI and Land of birth, littermates additionally Date of birth and breeder. If, like in my own database, dogs are not always entered consecutively from a stud book, but at different times and/or from different moderators it often happens that some full siblings miss the above mentioned data.
Now that is not really a new realization, but admittedly I was most of the times too lazy to jump from one sibling to the next to add all missing data.

So I wrote a file to edit full siblings with the following options:

  • COI: can be calculated right here, with one click added to the other siblings. COI can vary for different reasons, years ago we used a different kind of calculation or after entering more ancestors to this dog the COI was not calculated again. However, to be sure, click on ‚ÄěCalculate COI again‚Äú and afterwards add it to the other siblings.
  • Land of birth: if entered with the current dog, with one click the country can be added to all other siblings
  • Date of birth: shows how many different litters we see, obvious mistakes can be corrected in this table as well as missing dates can be added if we are sure it‚Äôs littermates (e.g. if reg# are consecutive)
  • Breeder: Breeder(s) linked to the current dog can be added to siblings with clicking on their name(s). Not all at once, but one after the other, as if there are 2 or more litters, the breeder(s) can be different.
  • Color: though the color is of course not always the same with full siblings, I added this column for easy inline editing.

A big improvement to my database, a file to check for inconsistencies and eventually fill gaps in the database.

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