The pedigrees issued by the American Field do have some special features I want to explain here on an example:
“with wins”:
3 numbers separated by a hyphen, just like 4-20-200
The first number indicates how many Field Trial wins this particular dog has. The second number tells how many winners among its offspring are and the third numbers is the total of wins those offspring had. As these numbers can change, they are like a snap shot of the day the pedigree was issued.
An asterisk after the name or in front of the “with wins” indicates a dog elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Now if you had a close look at the above pedigree you may have noticed that the registry numbers of some dogs seem far too low… easily explain, after reaching 1.000.000 the leading 1 and 0(s) were often omitted, so
Amos Mosley 20192 is actually 1020192
some dog 4711 is actually 1004711

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