When a dog is sold abroad, the National Canine Organization must issue a certified export pedigree. The concerned dog must be identified by a tattoo or chip.
For any dog that is subsequently exported, the National Canine Organization that made the last registration will certify the transfer of ownership to the new owner by indicating his or her name and address on the export pedigree or by issuing a separate one holder certificate.
The example below shows a dog born and registered in the United States with AKC, exported to Italy and later to the Czech Republic.

To register the dog with the National Canine Organization of the new owner’s country is mandatory if you want to participate in International Dog Shows, Working Tests or breed with the dog.

Export Certificates have been issued for over 100 years, the details are published in some countries in the official stud book publications:

1925 – UK Kennel Gazette 1937 – Australian KCC Gazette

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