Dogdom magazine was published as the ‘Official Paper of the Toy Spaniel Club of America and the American Toy Dog Club’ by the Dogdom Publishing Company, Battle Creek, Mich. It was a monthly publication with around 50 pages from 1900 – 1941.

All breeds of that time are represented, however, the focus is on the following breeds:
Toy Dogs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Airedale Terriers, Collies, Pointers and Setters, Dalmatians, Chow Chows.

Regularly the following columns are in the magazines: The dogs of the World, different breeds are presented by Freeman Lloyd, Colliedom, The Toy Dog Gossip, Canadian Kennel News, Kennel News and Notes by Freeman Lloyd, Pointers and Setters by A.F. Hochwalt and many more…

The articles are abundantly illustrated, lots more pictures you find in the stud dog and kennel ads.

Full view v. 8 (Mar. 1907-Feb. 1908)  
Full view v. 9 (Mar. 1908-Feb. 1909)  
Full view v. 10 (Mar. 1909-Feb. 1910)  
Full view v. 12 (Mar. 1911-Feb. 1912)  
Full view v. 13 (Mar. 1912-Feb. 1913)  
Full view v. 14 (Mar. 1913-Feb. 1914)  
Full view v. 17 (Mar. 1916-Feb. 1917)  
Full view v. 18 (Mar. 1917-Feb. 1918)  
Full view v. 19 (Mar. 1918-Feb. 1919)  
Full view v. 20 (Mar. 1919-Feb. 1920)  
Full view v. 21 (Mar. 1920-Feb. 1921)  
Full view v. 22 (Mar. 1921-Feb. 1922)  

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