ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council)

  from 1995 on the first two numbers show which State the dog was born and registered in
N is NSW
V is Victoria
Qis Queensland
S is South Australia
W is Western Australia
T is Tasmania
C is Canberra or Australian Capital Territory
NT is Darwin or Northern Territory
21 is NSW
31 is Victoria
41 is Queensland
51 is South Australia
61 is Western Australia
71 is Tasmania
81 is Canberra or Australian Capital Territory
91 is Darwin or Northern Territory

Abbreviations from former times:

CCCQ – Canine Control Council Queensland
KAQ – Kennel Association Queensland
KCC – Kennel Control Council Victoria
RAS – Royal Agriculture Society of NSW
RASKC – Royal Agricultural Society Kennel Control
VP&KC – Victoria Poultry and Kennel Club

Last modified on March 2nd, 2022

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  1. Could the ANKC/ DOGS AUSTRALIA choose to join with so many other countries and provide free access here to the ANKC StudBook please?

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