In 1922 The Kennel Association of Queensland (KAQ) and the Queensland Bull Dog Club issued the Volume I of the Canine Stud Book of Australia.
The dogs are listed alphabetically under the various breeds, and the information supplied includes the dog’s name, registered number, sex, color, owner, breeder, birth-date, sire and dam, and grand-parents. In addition, there is a full list of the names and addresses of breeders.
The registration numbers are not consecutive, every breed starts again with #1. This stud book was not a compilation of the dogs registered to be entered to a Dog Show and the registration was not mandatory.
25 volumes of the Canine Stud Book were published, the last one for the year 1946.

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  1. Brilliant to see, thanks you. Are they available digitally at this stage? That would be wonderful if they were..

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